Steelhaus Inc. is a rapid response downhole tool development company for the international oil and gas service sector. Formed in 2008, we are a Canadian company with a combined 100+ years’ experience in completion tools and have created a three quarter billion market share for the world’s largest oilfield companies. With over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing, testing and assembly space, we specialize in engineering, product qualification, manufacturing and commercialization.

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With the help of a dynamic team, Mike founded Steelhaus in 2008 forming part of a successful career entirely spent in the Oil and Gas Industry. Serving as the Companies President and CEO, Mike is responsible for developing long-term global strategies that leverage the infrastructures of Service Company Partners that have helped grow Steehaus’ portfolio of technologies.

A serial entrepreneur, Mike and his teams have become accustomed to capturing and building new market share through aggressive Organic growth. Steelhaus represents Mike’s second initiative in a successful venture primarily relying on core competencies including aggressive product development, manufacturing, and sales and operations towards innovative oilfield products. Mike’s first venture, Stellarton Technologies, served as a ground-up business environment for solving some of industries most challenging problems associated with declining reservoirs.

Stellarton would become the market leader in gathering system, production enhancement, and associated management systems. Steelhaus is recognized globally as a leading driver for new products employed at Chevron, Exxon, Saudi Aramco, YPF, and many of the world’s largest Oil Producers.



As Chief Operating Officer, Shane wears many hats overseeing Steelhaus’ R&D, Testing and Operations groups. Having been with Steelhaus from it’s inception, Shane started with hands-on tool design and progressed into an Engineering Management role and then moved into Business Development and Operations.

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, Shane is not only a master engineer, but his domestic and international field experience has provided him with the critical thinking skills and uncanny ability to see solutions to almost any problem – whether operational or mechanical.

Shane’s intimate knowledge of our product portfolio is second-to-none and he is a key stakeholder in Steelhaus’ Rapid Response Product Development process.



A renown expert in downhole tool design, Grant leads Steelhaus’ engineering design team to develop cutting-edge, unique solutions for all segments of the global oil and gas completions market. The breadth of his experience spans domestic and international, onshore and offshore, and conventional to unconventional including specialized knowledge of thermal, sand control and horizontal tie-back equipment.

It is through this 40+ years of experience that Grant is able to predict, determine and define markets, and work closely with customers to understand industry needs. Through his exceptional problem solving ability, he then translates this into valuable product line advantages and intellectual property.

Beyond his engineering accomplishments, Grant has three previous successful entrepreneurial endeavors in the production and services sectors of the oil and gas industry to his credit. Through this foundation he has provided Steelhaus with a blueprint for how to organically develop a successful venture

We will be a lean, experienced, strategic rapid engineering and product development resource, that can execute and deliver on key technology initiatives, and improve and accelerate current technology initiatives.
We are the international go-to specialty downhole tool company providing high quality, differentiated solutions – on time.
Capital Reverent
Client Collaborative
Rapid Response
Operationally Excellent

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