Understanding the Science Behind Dissolution.

Steelhaus has run thousands of tests on hundreds of materials and coatings to help us truly understand the effects of dissolution downhole.

Knowing the factors which effect material dissolution is key to understanding how dissolvable plugs will react to the rigors and variety of conditions found in downhole environments. As a whole, the industry is aware that temperature and salinity of the fluid directly effect dissolution. However, these two effectors alone do not paint the whole picture. Often unaccounted for, but critical in the effective dissolution of dissolvable plugs are pressure and surface area. Steelhaus has performed thousands of test to create a database that factors pressure, surface area, temperature and salinity into the design of each or our plugs. Our plugs are field proven, ran in thousands of wells across North America. We have used our findings in both the lab and in the field to ensure our plugs always work as intended and dissolve at exactly the right time – every time.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the science behind it all…

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