Great Success in the Cardium Bolsters Precision Coil Shiftable Frac Sleeve Market Share

Steelhaus Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the successful deployment of 3000+ stages of Precision Multi-Cycle Frac sleeves in the Cardium Play thru the first half of 2018.

The Precision CT Shiftable Frac Sleeve is typically run in pinpoint cemented applications as in the Cardium but may also be run in open hole completions. With increasingly longer wells, high stage counts and 2 mile laterals becoming the norm, the Precision CT System really shines. Typically running 80+ stages in one-mile Hz wells and 160+ in two mile laterals, these re-closable sleeves allow the operator peace of mind in operations where complete profile control is essential. Operators experiencing flow-back issues which have become prevalent in reservoirs such as the Cardium, may run Open/Frac/Close operations as required to minimize disruptions.

Size Matters.  An extremely short sleeve length with no requirement for pup joints means operators are realizing substantial cost savings using Precision technology.  As the industry continues to push the envelope on stage count and longer laterals, the Precision System stands above all others in its reliability, durability and simplicity of design.

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