Build leaders, solve problems, execute quickly, embrace change, celebrate success.


Derived from the Latin “colere,” meaning to cultivate, nurture and actively foster growth

It’s not just our people.  Not just our experience.  Not just our products.  It’s a combination of unwavering drive and moxie, knowing the energy industry NEVER sleeps.  It’s a collective “Can Do” attitude continually pushing us to learn from our experience with a firm understanding of when we fail, we will always choose to fail forward.

Lessons learned from 10 years of organic growth has allowed us to distill, and instill a unique culture based on the principles found below which persists throughout the very fiber of our business operations. Our culture excels when old school experience blends with youthful energy and innovation, making Steelhaus one of the fastest growing completions companies in the world.

We’ve eliminated barriers to success. We’ve created an environment that allows our people to thrive, to learn, to develop and move forward. Opportunity is provided to those who want it, to those who strive to do better today than they did yesterday. It’s a culture which has enabled our people to make a real and significant difference in today’s high octane energy industry.

We work together, sharing our resources, ideas and knowledge, providing real solutions to real problems, putting the customer first – always.  Product development, testing, rapid prototyping, machining, commercialization combined with RELENTLESS delivery of quality and safety.  Our culture is infused in every area and every corner of each one of our facilities.

We Collaborate.  We Innovate. We are Confident. We are Positive. We are Bold.

Steelhaus puts an emphasis on autonomous thinking and encourages you to challenge the norm. This mindset is what differentiates our culture from the rest and it allows us to reimagine how things should be done.

Antonio Calderon – Purchasing Supervisor: Supply Chain & Coating


We expect everyone to be a leader. Leadership is showing honesty and integrity while cherishing our Mission and our Purpose. We expect challenges, we are competitive and want to win. We are decisive and act quickly. If in doubt we seek a second opinion and help is always available. We don’t tolerate indecision and inaction. We believe that being assertive is a virtue and we don’t take the easy path if it’s not the best path. In this way we continuously improve the business and ourselves.

There is room for ego but not arrogance.  We don’t get hung up on titles. Your experience or success matters, but what matters more is how you add value to Steelhaus. As a leader your job is to put people over process and find the best people that can replace you as your career develops. Knowing that the energy industry never sleeps, we take care of ourselves, manage our schedule thoughtfully and make sure we take vacation when we can or when we need it.

Steelhaus provided massive opportunity to shape my career. I love its fast-paced work environment. I have had so many opportunities to grow into my position and push myself far beyond what I thought I was even capable of. I am grateful to be part of the Steelhaus team and the positive mindset of this company.

Noel Dacanay – Technology Sustaining Manager, C.E.T.


We are all expected to get involved in everything, in our department and the company. However, while we are helpful and supportive to each other, we do not try to do each other’s job. The heart and lungs of the operation are the delivery of innovative products and services to our customers. Everybody’s job is to support this mandate.

Opportunities will be provided to be involved in many aspects of the business, but we expect you to take the initiative to get involved. We do not let anything hold us back – we take smart risks and always look at failure as an opportunity to learn.

We know when to take ownership of a problem and are expected to bring a timely solution. We choose the best option, not necessarily your own option.

Steelhaus is a great work atmosphere with an innovative, contemporary mindset that challenges you to improve every day. It has provided me with many opportunities to learn about the oil and gas industry and has helped shape me into the employee I am today.

Lynda Phasiri – Purchasing Administrator


At Steelhaus, you will move faster than you may be used to. We move with purpose, make smart decisions quickly and act on them.  Expect a high volume of information that you will need to organize and process with urgency. 

I love working at Steelhaus. Everyone here is focused and dedicated to the task at hand. It truly is a friendly environment where everybody is here for each other regardless of their job description. People here actually care about me as a person. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals, all revolving around the shop providing the customer’s needs.

Brent Christian Rey – Shop Technician


We believe everyone’s worth is what they bring to Steelhaus.  You have a role on the team and are only as good as your last game. Working here will challenge you and you will be held accountable.

Everyone should expect a variety of responsibilities and is expected to understand how their role impacts everyone else. Being accountable means taking from the pile rather than adding to it, not expecting to work a traditional 9 to 5 workday, and not putting off until tomorrow what you can get done today. 

I like working at Steelhaus because of the great teamwork. For over 6 years I have found every member of the Steelhaus family brings exceptional talent, which helps us to deliver products on time with zero defects, and in a safe manner. The “continuous improvement” mindset of each employee helps us to grow as a team and as a successful organization. I have never seen a company so successful when it comes to achieving monthly goals and helping its people grow. Each department has exceptional individuals and we all work together to help Steelhaus continually achieve success.

Kaiser Zaidi – Global Import/Export Manager


We are agile and adaptable, celebrating continuous change and improvement in every area of our work. We are not rigid, nor do we expect to follow traditional rules. We do expect growing pains and are not afraid to pivot, so we live in the uncomfortable.

 We always seek knowledge and understanding but avoid analysis paralysis. We do not expect perfection because perfectionism kills progress.  We believe in trial and error and we are not afraid to make mistakes. We simply make sure we fail forwards.

Steelhaus pushes boundaries and is not afraid of growth – always on top of the industry and continually improving keeps the workplace relevant.  For me, this makes work exciting and new each day. They provide so many opportunities to increase my skillset while learning about the energy industry and how we are working to make it better. It is amazing to be a part of a growing team that provides a challenging and rewarding environment.

Geoffrey Park – Tool Testing Technologist


We always find a way to have fun no matter what challenges we face. We are optimistic and understand every problem has a solution. We like to celebrate success and believe if we do things well, we relish those achievements as a team.

I am impressed by our company’s commitment to the growth and development of its employees. It is nice to see how Steelhaus empowers and challenges its employees to be the best professionals they can, to go above our customers’ expectations.
I also love the great reputation that this company has in the oil industry. I am honored to work for Steelhaus.

Jose Rugma – Shop Technician


We believe in a flat organizational structure with no silo’s, where information is shared openly. We don’t confuse informal with unprofessional. Everyone has a voice; we expect people to speak up and opinions are respected. If someone is struggling, we help them, no matter what department they are in. We do not expect regular meetings, instead we seek continuous collaboration.

We rely on and utilize technology to collaborate and to be available and responsive to others. Our requirement for communicating, in order of importance is, in person, phone calls, then text or email. We do not use email for debate or conflict resolution. We do not use email for anything urgent and we keep the CC list to a minimum.

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