Steelhaus Continues Expansion of its Manufacturing Facilities

Over a span of just two years, Steelhaus Technologies Inc. significantly expanded its operational footprint, allowing the company to reduce costs through efficiencies and vertical integration.  At just over 200,000 SqFt, the company continues to maintain an ambitious strategy for growth.

Thanks to the innovative spirit of its team and client feedback, Steelhaus has developed a line of completions products which not only found applications in Canada, but also in the US and International energy markets. Despite extraordinarily difficult times during the past several years, Steelhaus continues to grow their engineering, testing, manufacturing, and assembly capacity. A proudly Canadian company employing over 200 people, Steelhaus provides world leading solutions which advance the efficiency and safety of the Oil and Gas sector worldwide.

Steelboss Manufacturing Facility
During 2020, Steelhaus added an additional 50,000 SqFt to their machining subsidiary Steelboss, effectively increasing their operational footprint to a total of 250,000 SqFt of engineering, manufacturing, testing and assembly.

Persona Coating
The addition of the Persona Coating, a Steelhaus subsidiary, adds nitriding, phosphating and coating to the Steelhaus line of degradable plugs.

85 Industrial Machining
Another Steelhaus subsidiary, 85 Industrial Machining, is a dedicated plug manufacturing facility specialising in the development and manufacturing of magnesium degradable materials.

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