Responsible and necessary diversification:  Steelhaus signs agreement to develop and sell innovative geothermal technologies.

Steelhaus has committed as an organization to pursue what we see as necessary and responsible diversification of our offerings; our goals include an initiative to seek 25% of our revenues from non-oil and gas sources over the next 5 years.  The new technology that will drive this initiative is being identified by our CTO, Matt McCarthy and his team, and this year Steelhaus signed a very lucrative agreement with a growing US geothermal player to develop and manufacture a new form of geothermal technology that will revolutionize and break barriers relative to geothermal power generation. With the support of Steelhaus technologies our Partner will establish multiple Gigawatt powerplants in deep hot formations across the western United States and abroad over the next 5 years.  Our Engineering team has grown by 5 individuals to support this initiative and Steelhaus will become the sole provider of the tools once they are commercialized.  We expect that the first trial project with the new technology will be installed in 2024.