ResFlow AICD

2 and 3 Position PremiumPort with Debris Barrier or Filtration Media

ResFlow AICD is an autonomous ICD designed to restrict the inflow of unwanted fluids, such as water or gas, much more than a regular ICD, thereby increasing oil production, sweep efficiency, and well life.

The system provides complete control over the life of the well by balancing inflow along the lateral to ensure a uniform production profile. Its robust design allows the operator unlimited open/close operations using the HyperHarrier and Harrier Shifting tool. Water encroached zones are easily shut off, while producing zones can be shifted open at any time during the lifecycle of the well.

The tool is available in the following configurations:

  • 3OCI Reduced OD PremiumPort
  • 3OCI Standard OD PremiumPort
  • 3ICI Reduced OD PremiumPort
  • 3ICI Standard OD PremiumPort
  • 2CI Reduced OD PremiumPort
  • 2CI Standard OD PremiumPort


  • Reduced OD versions allows for tight restrictions
  • Field Configurable ResFlow and SecureFlow Nozzle technology
  • Up to 8 nozzles per position
  • Unlimited open, close and re-open in a single trip combined with the ability to shift any valve in any order allows the operator to develop custom operational procedures
  • Constructed from premium materials resistant to corrosive and high sand environments

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