PremiumPort 2IC Thermal

Thermal Production for SAGD and CSS

Premium Port 2IC Thermal, available in multiple sizes, allows ICDs to be deployed as part of a tubing string in order to strategically balance flow across the reservoir.

Unlimited opening and closing of valves, allows shifting in any order using jointed pipe or coiled tubing.

Available in three separate configurations, stand alone, strainer and debris barrier, the 2IC is adaptable for a variety of applications. Our strainer is deployed in situations where large particulate in the well bore risks plugging production orifices.

The unique debris barrier is deployed in scenarios where it is suspected the primary sand control liner has failed or a greater level of debris filter is desirable. Our standard debris barrier is complete with FacsRite screen media and other media is available upon request.


  • Production through field adjustable Nozzles
  • 650 F (343 C) and 3000 psi rating
  • Optional strainer or debris barrier
  • Balanced flow across length of liner
  • API or Premium Connections Available


  • Thermal Production
  • SAGD
  • CSS
  • Tubing Deployed
  • Liner Deployed (with Screens)

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