Debris-less casing flotation device

Steelhaus’ Debris-less Casing Floatation Device is a market first, reliable, low-risk tool for floating the liner to depth in long lateral completions.

Rugged and robust, the precision-machined plug retains the tubing fluid pressure. The liner below the plug is an atmospheric chamber that allows the liner to float to depth. After the desired depth is reached, pressure is applied to the tubing until the plug ruptures with zero debris.

Designed to be completely interventionless, once ruptured the tool maintains the full nominal ID of the casing. Using Steelhaus’ Hyper Harrier the operator is able to easily confirm the ID.


  • Pressure and tensile ratings match 4.5” 15.1# P110 pipe
  • True debris-less design removes the need for a debris sub
  • Interventionless operation
  • Hyper Harrier test profile replaces locate sub and confirms full ID of tool post rupture


  • Floating in long horizontal completions
  • Pressure test sub

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