WireWrap Float


The PremiumPort Flow Control Systems’ versatile and customizable design provides diversified functionality including: uniform reservoir production or injection, acidization, gravel packing, and multi-stage stimulation.

Individual PremiumPort Valves can be conveyed in the open position with an inner circulation string, or in the closed position, simply requiring an intervention trip to selectively open the valves with the field-proven Harrier Shifting Tool. When conveying the PremiumPort’s in the closed position it is also possible to float the liner to TD.


Introducing the PremiumPort with Float Integration

Float integration allows liners comprised of PremiumPort Valves to be floated and circulated to TD and subsequently opened with a pressure cycle eliminating the need for an intervention trip or an inner string. After completing the setting procedure the wellbore’s pressure is reduced and all PremiumPort valves open automatically.

No Compromise Structural Integrity for Maximum Production

The Wire Wrap system is highly durable and allows for greater installation loads for challenging wellbores. Manufactured from 304L or 316L stainless steel, the Wire Wrap Screen offers optimized plugging and corrosion resistance with maximum structural integrity. Ultimate durability allows for low entrance velocity with lower drag force and increased wellbore longevity. Its generous open flow area maximizes production across the entire lateral.

The Wire Wrap Screen is available in two configurations; direct wrap or slip on.


  • Versatile design features 2 and 3 position valves to accomplish a wide range of completion objectives
  • Unlimited shifting, shift any number of valves into any position in any order in a single intervention trip.
  • Float liners to TD without requiring an intervention trip
  • Circulate liners to TD off bottom without a requirement for an inner string
  • Field Proven Primary Hydraulic activation
  • Secondary Mechanical activation with Harrier Shifting Tool
  • Standard PremiumPort Operations after Float activation


  • Superior installation loads
  • 304L/316L stainless steel for optimized corrosion and plugging resistance
  • Generous open flow area
  • Low entrance velocity with lower drag forces
  • Increased well bore longevity
  • Proven in horizontal applications
  • Sand control independent of liner mechanical integrity
  • Available as Direct Wrap or Slip On


  • Uniform reservoir production or injection, acidization, gravel packing and multi-stage stimulation

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