UltraFlow Circulation Sub


The UltraFlow circulation valve has been field proven over thousands of wells.

It is used for selectively shutting off circulation and allowing pressurization of the work string. Once placed, a ball is dropped from surface to the ball seat. Pressure is applied allowing the sleeve to slide, permanently closing the circulation valve. Hydraulically set packers can then be pressurized for setting.


Open-hole vertical, horizontal and deviated wells for:

  • Carbonite, sandstone, and shale play stimulation
  • Matrix acidizing treatment isolation
  • Multistage fracturing zone isolation


  • Closing pressure of ~1,500 PSI once system reached TD initiated by ball drop
  • Protection of internal components while run in-hole
  • Valves rated to 10,000 PSI and 350 F
  • Positive sleeve closure -eliminates the need for positive ball seat after closure
  • Positive seal on closure allows for hydraulic tool set and/or manipulation

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