Precision 2OC with tracer integration

High rate stimulation and reservoir monitoring

The Precision 2OC with Tracer Integration is an advanced 2-position valve designed for high rate stimulation and fracturing applications while monitoring the performance of the reservoir with the help of the tracers. The tracer material in the Precision 2OC is dissolvable in either oil or water.

Trace zones individually

Tracers for each valve may be formulated to contain a unique signature for each producing zone of the well. This allows the operator to determine producing zones based on the tracer footprint of each valve and subsequently shut off non-producing or watered out zones to maximize production across the entire wellbore.

Premium Molded Seal technology developed initially for highly corrosive and thermal environments has been applied to all Precision valves. This assures the seals last the life of the valve and all debris is scraped and removed from the seal surface in even the harshest well environments for reliable on-going operation. Each valve may be opened and closed an unlimited number of times using the Harrier family of shifting tools for complete profile control of the reservoir.


  • Designed for high rate stimulation
  • Monitor performance of the reservoir
  • Customize tracer material to individually monitor each zone
  • Tracer dissolvable via oil or water
  • Molded Seal Technology
  • Unlimited open/close of each valve using Harrier Shifting Tool


  • Multistage Stimulation
  • Trace producing or watered out zones across the wellbore

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