High Temperature Isolation

The Sole Thermal Liner Top Seal is a dynamic, durable, and field-proven packer that is reliable and robust. Used in applications where the liner is not required to be anchored and where thermal expansion is expected.

High Temperature Isolation

The seal is engineered to accommodate thermal expansion liner movement up to 20 feet. Its short setting sleeve improves mobility while providing the shortest available PBR which can be adapted with the Shorty Thermal and Primary Tie-back Nipple.

A minimal OD combined with the elimination of a long and rigid tie-back results in significantly less friction during cleanout and allows for successful conveyance into tight radius horizontal wells. The Shorty Tie-Back Nipple can be released and re-engaged to simplify the spacing out of completions.
The Sole is conveyed and retrieved via tubing or drill pipe with the Beast and EX-Track Running/Setting Tools. They are designed for extreme high torque operations, including rotating and drilling the liner into position.

Dynamic Skid Rings

The Sole Thermal Liner utilizes top and bottom skid rings which allow it and the liner to travel while relieving stress on the seal. The skid rings act as scrapers that condition the casing during travel by removing irregularities, build-up, and unwanted materials that may impregnate or damage the seal during travel.

The seal is securely maintained in a set position by integral ratchet and volume compensation mechanisms which sustain the seal’s effectiveness throughout the life of the installation by maintaining element energy while set.

Seal integrity improves with solids impregnation which is typical given the dynamic nature of unsecured liner top movement in a thermal well.


  • Thermal applications where the liner is not required to be anchored
  • Thermal Isolation where expansion is expected
  • Tight radius horizontal wells

FEATURES & Benefits

  • Rated at 675°F and 3000 PSI
  • Accommodates up to 20ft of liner travel
  • Scrapes and conditions casing wall to protect the seal and improve sealing efficiency
  • Backup seal skid rings accommodate travel and reduce stress on the seal
  • THERMOnator™ thermal element developed over 20 years of thermal experience and testing
  • Shorty Tie-back nipple kit eliminates the need for long tie-back receptacle

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