ReacXion Slim-X Plug Fully Dissolvable Frac Plug


The ReacXion Slim Extended Range Dissolvable frac plug provides the performance of standard ReacXion Complete plugs at a smaller running OD, allowing the plug to fit through tight restrictions without compromising pressure or temperature integrity.

Conveyed via regular pump down operations, the plug can be set with conventional Baker style or equivalent setting tools. A proprietary coating allows the plug to be set in position hours prior to stimulation.

Load Transfer Technology

To achieve these results, the design combines an expandable liner hanger and conventional pump down plug technologies. The design utilizes casing as a supporting member, transferring the load from the ball to the ball seat, through the slips, and onto the casing. Pressure exerted on the ball during stimulation completes the setting operation while continuing to reinforce the integrity of the tool’s seal, forming a tighter seal as pressure is increased.

The tool contains only one quarter the material of standard pump down plugs. The load transfer technology allows the minimalistic design to be feasible. After use, the plug will dissolve in standard chloride solution or even in very low-salinity freshwater, depending on plug material.

Represents thousands of testing hours

We have tested over 2000 material coupons and almost 50 coatings to gain a comprehensive understanding of how dissolvable materials perform in the wellbore environment. We have used these learnings to optimize the design and materials of each ReacXion plug to ensure dissolution at the desired time. This has resulted in proprietary materials and coatings tailored for Bimodal dissolution (delayed) in low salinity and high salinity production environments.


  • 10,000 psi rating @ 275°F
  • Small OD to fit through restrictions
  • Deployed in ball drop configuration (ball-in-place configuration under development)
  • Single size frac plug for multiple casing weights
  • Easy Drop-Off installation to WLAK
  • Available in Saltwater and Fresh Water dissolvable materials
  • Anti-preset design eliminates the risk of premature setting while running in
  • Proprietary coating allows the plug to be placed hours prior to seating the ball
  • Tapered entry and exit for easy re-entries


  • Multistage plug-and-perf operations
  • Isolation for refracturing operations
  • Designed for tight restrictions

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