Saltel Xpandable ECP

Cementing Operations External Casing Packer


Saltel Xpandable ECP cementing operations external casing packers are robust expandable stainless steel devices designed to set at low pressures to achieve zonal isolation for primary, multistage, and off-bottom cementing operations or to prevent fluid migration in the annulus.

These packers seal in any hole shape and condition, including oval, out-of-gauge, and irregular boreholes. They save rig time with rapid installation, on-demand expansion, and immediate sealing.

Isolate well segments with confidence

The packer sleeve is expanded between the casing and borehole by applying pressure in the casing. This pressure is transmitted through the expansion port to the packer’s integral stainless steel sleeve. As the sleeve expands, it conforms to the shape of the wellbore. A patented thin layer of bonded elastomer ensures sealing in irregular boreholes. Valve technology protects against overexpansion into washout zones. The packer is built on a one-piece mandrel by welding or crimping with no hidden connections.

Welded packers have an expansion port that features a one-way valve system, trapping fluid inside the expanded sleeve to increase the differential pressure rating.

Crimped packers have an expansion port featuring a valve system that permanently closes the port once the packer is set and a predetermined pressure is reached. This activation pressure can be modified by replacing an easily accessible shear pin.