The RHINO is a cost-effective retrievable casing packer deployed as part of multi-stage stimulation geared towards re-completions.

Positioned between two stages in the re-completion, the RHINO creates isolation during stimulation. The number of intervals being stimulated in a well is equal to the number of packers required. The ultra-slim running profile makes it ideal to run through milled out ball seats for re-completions. The rotational release and pull to release both collapse the OD to its original size for easy retrieval.



The packer is set when the onboard piston is subject to a differential exceeding its pre-set activation pressure. The element creates a reliable seal inside casing, creating effective isolation between intervals. The design features an anti-preset function allowing the liner to be conveyed safely.

With an overall length of less than 2.5ft, the entire tool may be picked up and threaded on location with no requirement of pup joints or lifting subs. Employing a simple, differentially activated piston, the element sets and maintains the set force with a fine-tooth ratchet mechanism. The piston is long enough to ensure no risk of over-setting the element which traditionally has lead to leaky liner from piston over-extension. A metal split ring maintains the position of the bottom gauge ring ensuring any forces on the gauge ring running in hole are easily accommodated.

Engineered with Equalization Ports for anti-swabbling during run-in, the ports ensure there can never be differential from the OD to the ID of the element, which until now has been the main cause of element swabbing in longer elements.

There are two versions of the RHINO available. Right-Hand Release allows the operator to release the tool via right-hand turn or Pull to Release allows the operator to release the tool with a straight pull.


  • Fully Retrievable
  • Less than 3’ long
  • Ultra-slim running profile


  • Anti-Swabbing Design
  • Anti-Extrusion barriers on element ensure efficient pack-off
  • Packers can be set simultaneously


  • Multi-stage stimulation
  • Isolation for re-completion operations

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