ResFlood WaterFlood Injection


The ResFlood Strategic Injection System for Waterflood Conversions is a revolutionary new system that provides equalized rates of injection across the length of the horizontal.

Proprietary field-tested RHINO Packers isolate each zone while the PremiumPort 2CI controls the injection profile. Unlimited opening and closing of each valve controlled by the HyperHarrier allows optimization throughout the life cycle of your well. ResFlood provides operators with a simple and effective system to convert existing producers to injectors, enhancing production and extending the life of the entire field.

Complete your waterflood recovery with the PremiumPort 2CI

Typical waterflooding processes are unable to respond to variations in formation permeability. The end result of bullheading injection is uncontrolled flow between zones with undesirable ‘path of least resistance’ flow patterns. The ResFlood system allows the operator to both selectively open and close zones based on the levels of injection, as well as strategically restrict or enable flow into the various compartments, ensuring a more calculated injection scheme across the length of the well.

PremiumPort 2CI allows ICDs to be deployed as part of a tubing string in order to strategically control injection. Unlimited opening and closing of valves, allows shifting in any order using jointed pipe or coiled tubing. The ability to pre-configure the nozzles in each valve provides complete control over each zone allowing the operator to equalize the rate of injection across the entire horizontal.

A new generation shifting tool

Building on the field proven success of the Harrier, the HyperHarrier is a revolutionary new shifting tool capable of being conveyed through the tightest up-hole restrictions to shift down-hole valves such as the PremiumPort at full drift. One of the smallest diameter and most robust shifting tools currently on the market. With a unique self-centralizing design, its hydraulically controlled keys ensure maximum performance over pull during actuation without releasing the valve unless desired.


The UltraFlow circulation valve is used for selectively shutting off circulation and allowing pressurization of the work string. Once placed, a ball is dropped from surface to the ball seat. Pressure is applied, allowing the sleeve to slide, permanently closing the circulation valve. Hydraulically set packers can then be pressurized for setting.

A Typical Waterflood scenario, with bullheaded fluid injection, will result in less than desirable sweep efficiency. Without injection control to reliably regulate inflow, permeability of each zone will always win. The result is a less than desirable sweep efficiency the producers.

The ResFlood system allows the operator to selectively regulate flow regimes, as well as open/close zones based on levels of permeability. This ensures equal flow across the length of the injection well(s), and allows for much improved sweep efficiency – field wide.

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