PremiumPort Thermal Injection Valve


The PremiumPort Thermal Valve is deployed in strategic steam injection applications as part of a tubing deployed inner completion.

Thermal PremiumPort

The proprietary thermal sealing technology incorporated into the valves maintains sealing integrity in environments of steam and is rated to 650 Degrees F at 3000psi. The valve can be configured to shift with either the HyperHarrier Shifting Tool.

Thermal PremiumPort HHST

The Thermal PremiumPort HHST allows for steam injection to each individual zone. By running the valve in the closed position, the liner can be floated into place, then opened to an inflow control position when desired.  Up to 16 field configurable nozzles are used to provide a uniform pressure drop for production control across the entire wellbore.


  • Tubing Deployed
  • Liner Deployed
  • Field Proven Operations
  • Shut off Steam breakthrough
  • Injection parallel to liner
  • 650 F at 3000psi
  • Standard or Premium Metallurgy
  • API or Premium Connections Available


  • Steam Injection
  • SAGD
  • CSS

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