PremiumPort 937 WR


The Integrated WireWrap PremiumPort 2CI Valve is a cost-effective open and close inflow control device located behind an integrated sand control medium.

It is available in multiple sizes and allows ICDs to be deployed as part of a tubing string in order to strategically balance flow across the reservoir. Unlimited opening and closing of each valve allows shifting in any order using jointed pipe or coiled tubing.The Wire Wrap Sand Control Media provides a rugged and reliable filtration solution to the most demanding well environments. Up to 8 field configurable nozzles are used to provide a uniform pressure drop for production control across the entire wellbore. The system allows unlimited open and closing of each valve guaranteeing complete profile control while minimizing unwanted water production.

No Compromise Structural Integrity

The Wire Wrap system is highly durable and allows for greater installation loads for challenging well bores. Manufactured from 304L or 316L stainless steel, the Wire Wrap Screen offers optimized plugging and corrosion resistance with maximum structural integrity.

Ultimate durability allows for low entrance velocity with lower drag force with increased well bore longevity. Its generous open flow area maximizes production across the entire lateral.

The Wire Wrap Screen is available in two configurations; direct wrap or slip on.


  • Unlimited Open and Close to minimize
    water production.
  • Coated inner bore prevents build-up and corrosion
  • Volume diversion seal technology reduces risk of seal erosion
  • Scraping mechanisms conditions valve bore ensuring reliable shifting
  • Up to 8 field selectable ICD’s
  • Manufactured from premium materials to promote longevity and protect against corrosion


  • Superior installation loads
  • 304L/316L stainless steel for optimized corrosion and plugging resistance
  • Generous open flow area
  • Low entrance velocity with lower drag forces
  • Increased well bore longevity
  • Proven in horizontal applications
  • Sand control independent of liner mechanical integrity
  • Available as Direct Wrap or Slip On


  • Dynamic Inflow Control device with reliable sand control

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