P3T Data Logging Tool

Sand face annular frac operations data logging and measurement

Essential FRAC Data Measurement

The P3T Data Logging Tool is designed to measure push, pull, pressure, and temperatures during annular FRAC operations.

Tubing and annulus pressures are measured, stored in memory, and downloaded at the surface on retrieval of the Annular FRAC BHA. Sand face timed events are referenced to the continual surface log which is also a digital record (FBSE) of all surface recorded times, events, and statistics.

Forces, pressure, and temperature data are reliably captured via the onboard sensors up to 20 samples per second. Data can be recorded from 7 to 14 days continuously by the P3T Tool.


  • Electronics (including batteries) rated to 185 F [85 C]
  • Pressure transducer rated to measure 15k
  • Overrated for burst pressure and 1.5 multiplier for over-range protection
  • Measures both internal and external pressures
  • Maximum push/pull 85,000 lbs
  • OD of Tool 3.25”
  • Short 21” tool length
  • Available in a variety of alloys based on customer requirements/application

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