Modular Dual-Completion Packer

Optimize isolation in ESP and gas injection wells

Designed for production applications, the MRP-ESP modular dual-completion packer is designed to enable feed-through and connection of chemical injection, gas vents, ESPs and accessories, and electric or hydraulic conduits. Its compact, modular design makes the MRP-ESP packer an economical choice for production applications with ESPs or for gas injection.

Simplify surface testing

The system includes features that enable hydrotesting of feed-through connections and pressure testing of the system at surface, which facilitates operations and minimizes installation time and risks.

Isolate well segments with confidence

The MRP-ESP packer includes a positive casing grip to secure the packer and bidirectional slips below the sealing element to maximize strength.

To facilitate retrieval, the packer includes an equalization system above the sealing element and a design that makes it easy to circulate out debris before retrieval.