KickStart Toe Initiation Valve

Rupture disc valve

Eliminate coiled tubing or tubing-conveyed perforating in the first frac stage, saving money and time.

KickStart rupture disc valve saves money and time on multistage fracturing operations by eliminating the need for perforating in the first stage.

The valve is run into the toe of the well as part of the casing string. Increasing casing pressure causes the valve’s rupture discs to burst, shifting a sliding sleeve and opening the valve to expose the formation to the fracturing fluid. The first stimulation treatment can begin, followed by subsequent pumpdown operations.

Improve reliability with redundant discs

Each KickStart valve features two rupture discs, placed 180° apart. The system has full redundancy, as only one of the discs must rupture to activate the sliding sleeve. Rupture discs are available in 250- to 300-psi pressure increments and can be installed at the wellsite.

The valve’s helical exit ports also are designed to reduce fracture initiation pressure and to provide 360° coverage so that fractures initiate in the preferred plane.


  • Reduces time and costs by eliminating the need for CT perforating
  • Lowers fracture initiation pressure through a helical port design
  • Enhances safety through ELEMENTAL* degradable technology, which enables the valve to open below the maximum casing test pressure


  • Rated to 20,000-psi [138-MPa] internal pressure and 350 degF [177 degC]
  • Fully redundant rupture discs
  • Robust torque rating to enable manipulation of casing string in extended-reach wells
  • Conventional cementing system and procedure


  •  Horizontal, deviated, and vertical wells
  • Wells needing an alternative to CT- or tubing-conveyed perforating to initiate pumpdown operations
  • Cemented wellbore with 41/2-in, 5-in, or 51/2-in casing inside 57/8-in or larger open hole

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