Juggernaut Cemented Rotatable Liner Hanger

Rotatable cementable liner top packer

Steelhaus’ JUGGERNAUT Cementable Rotatable Liner Top Packer is a heavy-duty, reliable, and cost-effective mechanical set, hydraulic release (with CRT) or mechanical release (with RRT), high capacity, rotatable, liner-top packer hanger.


Simple Operation

An anti-preset mechanism prevents the hanger from being prematurely set until the hydraulic setting mechanism is activated. When enough pressure has been applied to the tubing, the shear pins retaining the hydraulic cylinder shear and the lower slips independently grip the casing even if it is uneven.

Drill-Down Capable

The integral setting adaptor and mandrel permit the transmission of high torque from the running string to the liner. This feature is used to drill-down the liner while it is being run downhole with either the CRT hydraulic-release collet running tool or RRT right-hand release hydro-mechanical running tool.

Short Design

The combined rotatable liner hanger and packer design is significantly shorter than traditional cemented liner hanger/packer combos making it easier to run to depth, even past sharper dog legs.


  • 10,000 psi and 285 °F
  • Hanging heavy liners
  • Drilldown applications
  • Vertical and horizontal wells.

Features and Benefits

  • Shorter, more cost-effective design makes it easier to get to depth
  • Dual slip design with upper holddown slips and a premium lower high capacity slip-cone design
  • Lower slip-cone design creates less stress in the host casing, increasing hanging capacity, and eliminates cone collapse
  • Full circle upper slips and fully pocketed lower slips improve reliability when drilling while RIH
  • Run with existing CRT, RRT and CRV running tools
  • High-performance bearing allows rotation of heavy liners during cementing
  • One-piece mandrel limits connections and leak points
  • Standard or premium connections available

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