HyperHarrier Slimline Shifting Tool


Built on a foundation of success.

Building on the field-proven success of the Harrier, the HyperHarrier is an extraordinary new shifting tool capable of being conveyed through the tightest up-hole restrictions to shift down-hole valves such as the PremiumPort at full drift.

Coil or tubing conveyed, the hydraulically actuated shifting tool is designed to manipulate the complete line of PremiumPort 2 and 3 position valves, while providing maximum reliability and simple operation in open/close and re-open operations.  One of the smallest diameter and most robust shifting tools currently on the market, the HyperHarrier can be run in it’s 4 1/2 ” configuration to a 2 7/8 ” drift. With a unique self-centralizing design, it is rated at 10,000 psi. Hydraulically controlled keys ensure maximum performance including up to 30,000 lbs of over pull during actuation without releasing the valve unless desired.

Fail-Safe Operation

The HyperHarrier, in combination with the PremiumPort valve’s adjustable POSI-lock mechanism, provides operators with a reliable surface signal when the valve has shifted, by way of a positive indication on the weight indicator combined with the release of the Shifting Tool. The HyperHarrier is designed to release the valve even while actuated, only once the valve has shifted or the operators have stopped pumping, significantly reducing the risk of false positives.


  • Works with any PremiumPort 2 or 3 position valves
  • Narrow diameter fits through most up-hole restrictions
  • Rated to 10,000 psi
  • Capable of 30,000 lbs of over pull without disengaging the valve
  • Fail-safe opening and closing, the HyperHarrier will only release if the operator stops pumping or the valve shifts
  • POSI-Lock technology provides indication at surface of shift
  • Extensive and rigorous testing ensures safe operation in a variety of conditions

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