Guillotine Floatation Device

Debris-less casing flotation device

Steelhaus’ Guillotine (Casing Assist Buoyancy System) is a reliable and low risk tool engineered from the ground up to provide a reliable means of floating the liner to depth in long lateral or ball drop completions without requiring additional cleanout operations.

Simple Operation

Steelhaus’ Guillotine acts as an atmospheric chamber, allowing the liner to be consistently floated to depth. Once opened, the Guillotine provides the operator with a full ID allowing easy passage for service tools and flow.
Eliminate debris with TrapDoor™ Technology

TrapDoor™ technology allows the Guillotine to operate without creating debris during equalization, completely eliminating the need for a debris catcher. Steelhaus’ industry first debris-less design offers substantial savings on equipment costs and rig time, allowing the operator to run a standard completion with no additional intervention required.

Full Metal Design

The durable full metal barrier withstands pressure cycling in high pressure environments making the system ideal for pressure testing the sub.


  • TrapDoor™ Technology provides true debris-less functionality
  • Creates no new Parts
  • Does not require additional Debris Sub
  • Interventionless operation
  • Can be used in ball drop completions
  • Full ID after opening


  • 3,000 – 9,000 psi [20.7 – 62.1 MPa] opening pressures
  • Pressure and tensile ratings match base pipe
  • Floating in long horizontal completions
  • Cemented and Open Hole
  • Pressure test sub

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