Float Valve with Facsport


The Float Valve with Integrated FacsPort provides functionality including reservoir production and acidization.

Comprised of a hydraulically actuated valve, the system boasts the ability to economically complete the well by floating the liner into place, eliminating the inner work string. The float provides the most robust pressure actuated mechanism available, allowing liner conveyed hydraulic packers to be pressured and reliably set before the float is actuated. The FacsPort filtration media is deployed in scenarios where a greater level of filtration is desirable. Unlimited open and close operations of the valve is available using the Harrier or HyperHarrier Shifting tool.

Integrated Float Module

An integrated field-proven float module allows the liner to be floated and circulated to total depth, then subsequently opened with a pressure cycle eliminating the need for an intervention trip or inner string. After activation the sleeve moves in the up-hole direction, first shearing the shear pins, releasing the split ring which allows the sleeve to move down to stimulation position.

Once tubing pressure at the tool is bled to less than 2 times the pressure in the reservoir, the sleeve will open to the right. All sleeves in the liner are completely open once the tubing pressure is bled to 1.5 times the reservoir pressure.


  • Float liners to TD without requiring an intervention trip
  • Circulate liners to TD off the bottom without a requirement for an inner string
  • Primary Hydraulic activation
  • Secondary Mechanical activation with Harrier Shifting Tool
  • Most robust actuation mechanism available
  • Integrated FacsPort Filtration Media
  • Run hydraulic set mechanical packers for compartmentalization
  • Eliminates adjustments to running procedures accounting for risks in conveyance of the liner and set up times associated with Swellables


  • Economic Well Completions

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