Dropshift Lite


The DropShift Lite Ball Actuated Open-Only Frac Port is a Cost Effective universal ball-actuated frac valve and a vital component of open hole liner systems.

Cost effective, light weight and reliable, the sleeve allows the operator to selectively fracture a wellbore by dropping a ball from surface. Featuring field interchangeable ball seats, the valve is easy to configure at surface. Incremental sizes of magnesium or Phenolic balls allow up to 32 stages of stimulation by dropping a ball to open pre-determined sections of the liner at a zone of interest.

Large ports maximize stimulation rates while proprietary alloys ensure ball seats are easily milled out. The sleeve is available in P110 with premium elastomers and coatings on the valve ID to ensure longevity.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Large fracs port maximize flow area and minimize erosion
  • Magnesium or Phenolic balls, minimum density and resistant to extrusion
  • Incremented ball sizes allow up to 32 stages
  • Anti-rotational seat
  • Mill out or circulate balls to surface
  • Seat material selected for quick and easy mill out
  • P110 metallurgy
  • Premium elastomers assure solid seal
  • Premium coatings on valve ID for longevity


  • Multistage fracturing designed for open hole liner systems

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