Drop Shift Degradable Stage Tool


The Drop Shift Degradable Stage Tool (DST) is the next generation of monobore cementing operations. Using a unique design and specialized degradable materials, the Drop Shift Stage Tool eliminates the need for a Millout trip after cementing.

Specialized Degradable Materials

Through Steelhaus’ extensive experience and knowledge of degradable materials, specialized elastomers and alloys are used in the DROP SHIFT DST to match wellbore conditions.

Integrated Debris Sub

The DROP SHIFT DST utilizes a dual-stage Opening process that guarantees the Debris Sub ball is landed and locked into place in the Debris Sub. This method allows the Debris Sub to be integrated into the stage tool and ensures that all cement is diverted out through the Stage Tool and eliminates possible cement setup below the Debris Sub.

FULLY Degradable Wiper Dart

After cementing a Degradable Wiper Dart is dropped to clear the wellbore of cement. The Wiper Dart lands in a profile in the Stage Tool to activate the closing mechanism.

The Degradable Wiper Dart has a unique profile that matches the Debris Sub leaving no space for residual cement above the ball seat.
Once the inner components are dissolved the DROP SHIFT DST wiper fins and body FULLY Degrade leaving a full-bore ID with NO residual cement. This ensures the wellbore is ready to stimulate without a millout trip.

As a contingency the DROP SHIFT DST Closing Sleeve can also be mechanically shifted closed to gain full pressure integrity using the Steelhaus Hyper Harrier Shifting Tool run on coil.


  • Rated up to 15,000 psi and 285F
  • Integrated Debris Sub
  • Degradable Wiper Dart
  • Eliminates Need for Millout Trip
  • API and Premium Connections Available
  • Available in 4140 and Corrosion Resistant Alloys
  • Full-Bore ID
  • Secondary Mechanical Closing


  • Cementing Vertical/Build Section of well
  • Monobore Completion
  • Multi-Stage Stimulation

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