Atomic Toe Initiation Port

Initiate communication with the reservoir

The Atomic Toe Initiation Port is designed to provide an economic means to initiate communication with the reservoir.

Usually placed at the toe of the well, the Atomic is activated when hydraulic pressure is applied to the casing string. Once opened, a flow path is initiated to the reservoir facilitating pump down operations or even the placement of an initial stimulation treatment.

The Atomic’s port configuration promotes easy access to the reservoir with 360-degree port coverage. The use of a toe port initiation sub eliminates the requirements for an initial coil tubing trip to initiate pump down operations, resulting in cost savings.

The Atomic includes an integral ball seat within the tool that allows for a pressure test after activation, allowing the casing to be tested to its rating. By implementing ShearPlus Shear Pins, the accuracy of the burst pressure can be held within +/- 12.5%. ShearPlus Shear Pins use premium materials that yield more stable shear pressures with varying temperatures and are available in 500 psi increments.


  • Field dress-able activation pressure
  • Integral ball seat allows for pressure test of casing after activation with degradable ball
  • Large flow ports allow for high rate stimulation
  • Sleeve shifts up to open and locks in position, eliminating risk of premature opening
  • Cost-effective reservoir access
  • Eliminates initial coil tubing trip
  • Use with standard cementing procedures


  • Horizontal, deviated and vertical wells
  • Cemented wellbores

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