Cyclone II Toe Initiation Port

Perform multiple pressure tests & Initiate Communication

Rugged and durable, the Cyclone II provides an economic means to perform multiple pressure tests on the completion string and initiate communication with the reservoir prior to frac initiation.

Using a proprietary indicator system, the unique and robust design of the Cyclone II contains a multi-cycling system allowing the operator the advantage of pressure testing multiple times within minutes prior to initiating the first frac in the Toe zone.

The port configuration promotes easy access to the reservoir with 3600 coverage. The toe initiation port eliminates the need for a CT trip to initiate pump down operations, reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and decreasing overall operating costs.


  • Allows string to be pressure tested multiple times via multi-cycle system
  • Pressure test to maximum required operating specifications prior to frac


  • Eliminates initial coil tubing trip
  • Horizontal, deviated, and vertical wells
  • Cost-effective reservoir access, reduces overall operational costs
  • Use with standard cementing procedures


  • Field dress-able activation pressure
  • Large flow ports allow for high rate stimulation
  • Sleeve shifts up to open and locks in position, eliminating the risk of premature opening

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