Precision Multistage BurstPort System


The Multistage BurstPort system uses pressure-activated ports that are opened in conjunction with a CT cup type straddle packer and our Jackal re-settable packer.

Precision BurstPort

The unique design of the Precision BurstPort Re-closable system provides operators with a full bore tool capable of unlimited stages, providing 360° reservoir access and 100% flow area. Once zones have been stimulated, a single CT trip with our Harrier or HyperHarrier shifting tools allows the operator unlimited open/close operations allowing for full profile control over the life of the well.

BurstPort with ProLocate

With ProLocate technology, locating the tool is a simple matter of conveying up until the ProLocate profile is tagged.

Features and Benefits

  • Unrestricted full ID wellbore
  • Does not require drill out, saving money
  • Suitable for Acid Treatments
  • Coiled tubing circulation ensures ease of movement of tools to the next stage and simplifies cleanout operations
  • 360° reservoir access
  • Temperatures up to 300° F

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