Bottom Hole Assembly

Precision BHA

One System does it all.  Save money and time by using the world’s most reliable and efficient Bha.

One BHA does it all. The Precision BHA is the most reliable on the market today. Purpose built for the Precision System, the BHA has a field proven track record of engaging, shifting and isolating each zone in the harshest of well conditions.

CT Annular Frac BHA

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Dimple Connector

Creates a solid bond between the coil tubing and your desired threaded connection.

Hydraulic Disconnect

A downhole tool designed to allow the lower and upper tool string sections to be parted to enable retrieval of the running string.

Blast Joint

A section of heavy walled tubing that is placed across any perforated interval through which the production tubing must pass, such as may be required in multiple zone completions.

Flow Sub

Redirects or controls the flow of fluid.

P3T Tool

The P3T Tool is designed to measure push, pull, pressure, and temperatures during annular FRAC operations.

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Harrier Shifting Tool or Osprey Shifting Tool

The harrier shifting tool is a coil or tubing conveyed hydraulically actuated shifting tool designed to manipulate the complete line of premium port 2 and 3 position valves.

The Osprey Shifting tool provides the BHA significant weight on bit while shifting valves near the toe for Open/Frac/Close operations in extended reach wells.

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Jackal Packer

The jackal multistage packer was designed to overcome the various limitations of adapting commoditized production-style mechanical packers to the harsh environment of hydraulic proppant–based fracturing.

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Advantages of the CT Annular Frac Sleeve System

• Full Drift system
• Unlimited stage count
• No millout required
• Screen Out Recovery
• No erosion or disintegration concerns
• Dead leg pressure monitoring during Frac
• Downhole pressure / temperature / tension + compression data recording

Why Steelhaus Technologies?

• Substantial run history
• Ongoing growth to new clientele and new areas
• Rapid response on engineering, manufacturing, and supply requirements
• Ease of operations – the simplicity of shifting sequence, saves time
• No collar locating, no false indications when shifting sleeves
• Every sleeve function tested open + closed 10 times, then pressure tested
• Complete traceability on equipment and components
• Pup Joints not required on sleeves – short overall length, can be torqued through
• Experience of sales staff and field personnel with CT Fracturing on 2+ mile laterals