Composite and Fully Dissolvable Frac Plugs

Steelhaus provides Fully dissolvable Frac Plugs and composite Frac Plugs that are easy to mill. Field proven and reliable, used for fracture operations worldwide, our plugs have set the standard industry wide.

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  • ReacXion Complete Fully Dissolvable Frac Plug

    The ReacXion Complete System was designed to solve the universal problem of dissolvable plugs not dissolving in the wellbore environment.
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  • ReacXion Slim-X Plug Fully Dissolvable Frac Plug

    The ReacXion Slim Extended Range Dissolvable frac plug allows the plug to fit through tight restrictions without compromising pressure or temperature integrity
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  • FracXion Micro Composite Frac Plugs

    FracXion Micro is designed for milling out with minimum torque, generating small cuttings that are easily circulated out of the well.
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  • FracXion Unity Composite Frac Plugs

    FracXion Unity fully composite frac streamlines multistage hydraulic fracturing operations while delivering unmatched reliability.
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  • ReacXion Nano Fully Dissolvable Frac Plug

    The ReacXion Eco-RX Dissolvable Frac Plug provides the performance of Steelhaus’ standard ReacXion Complete plugs with increased reliability while remaining cost effective.Read more
  • Copperhead Millable Plugs

    Isolate zones during multistage plug-and-perf fracture stimulation using the Copperhead drillable bridge and frac plug.
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