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  • Drop Shift Degradable Stage Tool

    With it’s proprietary design and specialized degradable materials, the DROP SHIFT Stage Tool eliminates the need for a Millout trip after cementing.Read more
  • Zephyr

    Steelhaus’ Debris-less Casing Floatation Device is a market first, reliable, low risk tool for floating the liner to depth in long lateral completions.Read more
  • Saltel Expandable Steel Patches

    Saltel expandable steel patches are a permanent solution to repair a zone of damaged tubing or casing, shut off unwanted perforations, seal a leaking sliding sleeve, or perform other remedial operations.Read more
  • Saltel Xpandable ECP

    Seal the annulus even in ovalized boreholes Saltel Xpandable ECP cementing operations external casing packers are robust expandable stainless steel devices designed to set at low pressures to achieve zonal isolation for primary, multistage, and off-bottom cementing...Read more
  • XMP

    Test and isolate intelligent completion segments Designed for use in intelligent completions, the XMP premium multiport production packer is a tubing-conveyed, hydraulic-set, retrievable packer with multiple bypass configurations for hydraulic control lines or...Read more
  • MRP-MP

    Isolate segments in single- and multizone intelligent completions Designed for intelligent completions, the MRP-MP modular multiport packer series consists of tubing-conveyed, hydraulic-set, retrievable production and isolation packers for single- or multizone...Read more

    Optimize isolation in ESP and gas injection wells Designed for production applications, the MRP-ESP modular dual-completion packer is designed to enable feed-through and connection of chemical injection, gas vents, ESPs and accessories, and electric or hydraulic...Read more
  • QL

    Run in rapidly to save on rig time Designed for use as a production, gravel-pack, sump, or isolation packer, the QL conventional sealbore packer is a wireline- or hydraulic-set permanent packer you can trust when running in at high speed to reduce rig time for...Read more
  • MRP

    Simplify conventional completions, economically Optimize your single-string completions with the MRP conventional modular packer, which was designed for use in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wellbores or in applications in which single or multiple packers are set...Read more
  • BluePack RH

    Minimize costs with economical packers Designed for zonal isolation in vertical and deviated production and water injection wells, the BluePack RH retrievable hydraulic-set production packer combines a single-piece mandrel with an adjustable shear release value for...Read more
  • Quantum Packer

    Improve reliability in sand control operations. Designed for single-trip sand control applications, the QUANTUM gravel-pack packer is used to isolate well segments in single- and multizone completions. This hydraulic-set, retrievable sealbore packer is available in...Read more
  • Juggernaut

    Steelhaus’ JUGGERNAUT Cementable Rotatable Liner Top Packer is a heavy duty, reliable and cost-effective liner-top packer hanger.Read more
  • Bully

    The hydraulically set full-bore Bully Liner Hanger Packer is designed to eliminate problems associated with setting and retrieving conventional Liner Hangers.Read more
  • Eco-X Liner Hanger

    The Eco-X Hydraulic Liner Top Hanger creates a ‘rock solid’ bond to the liner with extreme resistance to compression and high tensile loads.Read more
  • Eco-X Open Hole Packer

    The Eco-X is a light weight full bore open hole packer deployed as part of multi-stage stimulation with no need for pup joints or lifting subs.Read more
  • RHINO Packer

    The RHINO is a cost effective retrievable casing packer deployed as part of multi-stage stimulation geared towards re-completions.Read more
  • Solace

    Designed for operation in conventional, extreme, high pressure and thermal environments, the Solace has been engineered for the most extreme deviated and undulated vertical and horizontal well applications.Read more
  • Sole

    The Sole Thermal Liner Top Seal is a dynamic, durable, and field proven packer that is reliable and robust.Read more
  • Tuff Torque

    Built tough and designed to last, the Tuff Torque Shear Sub allows up to 10,000 ft-lbs of torque to be transferred through the sub.Read more