50,000 Stimulated Stages with over 1000 Thermal Sleeves

With over 50,000 Stimulated Stages and more than 1000 Thermal Sleeves, we have the knowledge and the tools to meet the most challenging requirements in completing your Geothermal Wells.

HydraTherm is a proprietary single valve system offering best in class, reliable hydraulic channeling with equal injection across the entire length of the wellbore.

Hydraulically stimulated horizontal wells are completed to increase the connectivity from the injection well to the production wells flanking the injector well. This technique allows increased surface area contact of the injected water and steam generation. As we draw best practices from the Oil and Gas industry to implement in the Geothermal Industry, we draw our learnings from our previous ICD/OCD implementations to ensure controlled injection or production throughout the entire length of the wellbore.

The HydraTherm System was developed to allow hydraulic stimulation by opening the primary sleeve with coil tubing and injecting into the zone. Multiple sleeve are installed in the wellbore and isolated in the annular section with cement and internally from the lower sleeves by a resettable packer. Post stimulation, the primary sleeve is shut closed and the secondary sleeve opened for long term water injection.  The adjustable Injection Nozzles allow for an even injection from heal to toe of the well bore hence improving the overall performance and avoiding water conning into the production well .

For a deeper understanding of how Injection Nozzles function we invite you to view the following video.

How do ICD’s Work?
Without Injection Control
With Injection Control

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