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Open Hole Ball Drop Systems

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  • Eco-X Liner Hanger

    The Eco-X Hydraulic Liner Top Hanger creates a ‘rock solid’ bond to the liner with extreme resistance to compression and high tensile loads.Read more

Our stage tools are currently in final phase of development. Please contact us for more information and check back soon.

  • DropShift Re-closable ball drop frac system

    The re-closable DropShift System maximizes production and recovery by ensuring every interval is stimulated and allows zonal shutoff after fracturing.
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  • Dropshift Lite

    Cost effective, light weight and reliable, the Drop-Shift Open Only sleeve allows the operator to selectively fracture a wellbore by dropping a ball from surface.Read more
  • Eco-X Open Hole Packer

    The Eco-X is a light weight full bore open hole packer deployed as part of multi-stage stimulation with no need for pup joints or lifting subs.Read more
  • HydroStim Toe Initiation Valve

    Steelhaus’ HydroStim™ Toe Initiation Valve is designed to provide an economic means to initiate communication with the reservoir.
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  • Atomic Toe Initiation Port

    The cyclone toe initiation port is designed to provide an economic means to initiate communication with the reservoir.Read more
  • Cyclone II Toe Initiation Port

    Cyclone II performs multiple pressure tests on the completion string and initiates communication with the reservoir prior to stimulation.Read more
  • UltraFlow Circulation Sub

    The UltraFlow circulation valve is used for selectively shutting off circulation and allowing pressurization of the work string to engage hydraulically set packers along the lateral.
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