Jackal Packer

Field Proven Isolation for Stimulation

The Jackal multistage packer was designed to overcome the various limitations of adapting commoditized production-style mechanical packers to the harsh environment of hydraulic proppant–based fracturing.

The Jackal packer offers a fit-for-service solution to increase reliability with respect to standard mechanical packers.

Proprietary multistage packer unloader

The unloader is the most important feature on any packer used in a fracturing application. It is imperative that the elements are unloaded as quickly as possible, allowing the tool to be hoisted clear of the treated zone to a cleaner area of the wellbore. The bypass unloader determines the depth at which the packer can be successfully operated. 

During operations the pressure above the packer can be considerably higher than below, which causes a differential that can become excessive as depth increases and lead to differential sticking. The multistage packer’s proprietary unloader system extends the depth of operation without affecting the rate of pressure unloading. The unloader features redundant vulcanized sealing technology which ensures that the primary seal will not be subject to the high velocities caused by instantaneous pressure relief. These features combine for reliable packoffs and extremely quick pressure equalization, both leading to more successful jobs.

Superior seal performance 

The multistage packer’s elements are designed to allow for full pack off at very minimal compression forces. Only 1000 lbf [4,448 N] of compression force on the element stack is necessary to hold 10,000 psi [69 MPa], which allows for further reach into the horizontal.

Each element is vulcanized and bonded to anti-extrusion mechanisms, and when combined with the packer’s smallest comparable OD, eliminates both the risk of swabbing in the hole during run in and problems associated with over-extrusion of the elements with repetitive setting. 

Sure set slips

In conventional packers the drag block section of the rocker slips can fill with debris, causing excessive drag. This problem is compounded in the presence of proppant and is a result of poor design, poor circulation around the slips, and weak slip return mechanisms — all of which can cause the slips to hang up in collars, causing severe operational problems.

The Jackal packer’s proprietary sure set slips are designed with minimal debris entry points, and their unique design allows maximum circulation through the slip housing. The result is an ultra-reliable setting and unsetting mechanism that adds minimal drag during conveyance and is completely isolated from debris.

Enclosed J and drag block 

The Jackal packer’s auto-J mechanism is enclosed and completely isolated from debris. As a result, any risk of trapped proppant and detrimental friction is eliminated that can cause issues when trying to activate the J and set the multistage packer at subsequent zones.

Traditional drag blocks and casing collar locators (CCL) suffer from the same issues as conventional rocker style slips. Cavities underneath the blocks combined with weak return mechanisms and a limited circulation path can result in extremely high drag forces over the course of a job.  In the case of CCLs, which are required to expand radially as they pass through collars, the drag that is created can become detrimental to a successful job.

The multistage packer’s integral drag block eliminates both the cavities that fill with debris while providing a high rate of pass through circulation. The result is more consistent drag and weight indication when pulling through sleeves.



  • Maximizes reliability using proprietary bypass unloader
  • Requires minimal unsetting force in deep, high-pressure applications
  • Avoids swabbing in the hole during conveyance with minimized OD
  • Eliminates proppant buildup and associated friction for repeated and reliable setting and unsetting


  • Can be used in conjunction with the reclosable CT fracturing sleeve to perform selective single-point multistage fracs
  • Packer can be deployed as part of an abrasive jet perforating BHA
  • Advanced design allows tool to be deployed in deep, high-pressure applications
  • Full circulation path around and past slips provides reliable and repeatable operation


  • Multistage hydraulic fracturing stimulations with the Precision integrated completion service
  • Multizone isolation
  • Acid stimulations

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