Mission & Vision

Steelhaus boldly drives the market with innovative energy solutions; fusing practical, field proven experience, adaptable engineering, integrated manufacturing, and uncompromising safety with relentless delivery of unwavering customer service.


  • We create a continuous feedback loop with all our stakeholders
  • Everybody has a voice in our organization and is expected to use it
  • The customer’s input is as important as our own in driving our activities

Omar Mazouzi – SRED Purchaser

I love the challenges, collaborative environment, and work culture. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals revolving around helping the customer which I haven’t experienced working anywhere else.

I am grateful for the experience and look forward to see what comes next for the company.

We Innovate

We challenge conventional ideas with unique and tenacious solutions
We are never afraid to fail. It allows us to learn and push the industry
We successfully innovate by blending flexibility and practical experience with accuracy and thoroughness.
We continually improve our products by resetting the benchmark


  • We encourage a productive environment of humor and fun
  • The energy industry is rife with uncertainty, but our environment is always optimistic
  • We are confident and enthusiastic; problems are opportunities for improvement

Roberto Bathen – Quality Assurance Technician

I enjoy the fact that every day is evolving. You rarely do the same thing twice – there is always a challenge waiting just around the corner!

We Live and Breathe Quality and Safety

Everybody goes home safe, the same way they showed up.
Quality and safety are prioritized and integrated into every aspect of our organization


  • We care about our employees, our customers, our profession, and our communities so we act ethically and with integrity
  • We trust each other and expect to be held accountable to execute excellently
  • We speak candidly with respect and are honest and reliable in all we say and do

Sanjay Menon – Mechanical Design EIT

Steelhaus is a fast paced working environment.  I admire how the team is managing the Covid-19 crisis. All precautions are put in place and we feel very safe to come to work every single day. The state of the art manufacturing facility lets us prototype and build new tools at record pace to meet or exceed customer expectations.

We Are Bold

We always want to be the best in the world at whatever we do
We are driven by our passion to succeed
We dare to be unique and are not afraid to explore new territory