Health, Safety and Environment

At Steelhaus, safety is a core value.  Throughout our operational activities, our mission includes the philosophy of zero harm to our employees, our contractors, the public and the environment.  Our safety management system is designed to be compliant with legislation but most importantly that everybody goes home safely.

Our desired safety culture is a front-line driven system where everybody makes contributions which ultimately make our Steelhaus safer.  We are striving for a pro-active workplace, lead by inspections and leading indicators to prevent rather than react.  Safety leadership is at all levels, from the executive to front line workers, we are one team.

We are combining experience, expertise, and technology to continuously evolve and enhance our program.  The workforce is engaged through leading indicator participation, supervisors and front line workers taking ownership of their work space and a management team committed to continuous improvement.  We are driven by pro-active data, we engage the workforce to minimize our risk potential and ensure mitigation efforts are made to reduce risk.

As Steelhaus continues to grow, having a safety management system that can adapt is critical.  We are working diligently at moving towards a near paperless system and continuous improvement of our safety forms and documents as we strive toward making Steelhaus the safest possible environment for our people and customers.

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