From Steam Circulation to Production and Zonal Control In a Single Completion

Premium Port Thermal Valves and Steam Splitters run with the ultra-reliable HyperHarrier Shifting Tool have revolutionized SAGD completions worldwide. PremiumPort Steam Splitters and Thermal Valves with Steelhaus’ proprietary Molded Seal Technology was developed specifically for mission critical operations in the harsh environments of SAGD and CCS wells.


  • Up to 650 degF (343 degC)
  • Over 500 installs of PremiumPort Steam Splitters globally
  • Unlimited open/close of each valve using the HyperHarrier Shifting Tool
  • PremiumPort Steam Splitters still operating over 2 years post installation

Paired with Steelhaus’ line of Premium Port Valves, the HyperHarrier Shifting tool is simply the smallest, most robust shifting tool on the market. It can be ran in it’s 4-1/2” configuration through 2-7/8 ” tubing. This feature allows shifting of the Premium Port Thermal Valves through a guide string without pulling of the Electrical Submergible Pump (ESP) enabling to take the well from steam circulation to production and zonal control without having to recomplete the well.

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