What makes ReacXion Nano so impressive?

The ReacXion Nano is perhaps the most exciting new technology to enter the Oil and Gas market to date. We invite you to join our Plug Product Line Manager, Matt Richardson as he walks us through the features that makes Nano so impressive.

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How do you test over 1000 valves a month?

At Steelhaus we function test each Re-Closable Coilshift Precision valve before shipping to our clients. The Factory Acceptance Test is rigorous and thorough, and consists of shifting each sleeve 10 times, recording the force required to shift the internal sleeve and an additional pressure test post sleeve shifting.

Understanding the Science Behind Dissolution.

Steelhaus performed over 2000 tests on hundreds of materials and dozens of coatings – the result: a re-defining of the dissolvable plug market with plugs that are field proven to offer reliable and consistent dissolution and material strength.


We are pleased to announce the addition of Downhole Monitoring Technologies, such as Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) with fiber optics, to Steelhaus’ extensive product and service offerings. Since October 2020, our experienced field

ReacXion dissolvable plugs: Setting a new standard

In another success for Steelhaus Canada’s stimulation technologies, Ovintiv achieved an incredible milestone with ReacXion dissolvable ball in place plugs by running a 6 well (238 stages) Montney pad in pace setting time.

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Energy Excellence Award Champion

Read the full DOB article here: Steelhaus Named Energy Excellence Awards Champion For Rapid Response Downhole Tool Delivery Steadfast dedication, an unwavering commitment to quality and a team of stellar people has allowed Steelhaus