Capturing significant market share with sales of over 20,000 units, Steelhaus continues to expand its line of ReacXion dissolvable plugs.

In just 4 years, Steelhaus successfully developed and deployed industry leading fully dissolvable plugs which are a cost effective and dependable option for fracturing wells from toe to heel.

Steelhaus performed over 2000 tests on hundreds of materials and dozens of coatings – the result: a re-defining of the dissolvable plug market with plugs that are field proven to offer reliable and consistent dissolution and material strength. Steelhaus rigorously controls all aspects of plug manufacturing from engineering, testing, machining, coatings and assembly allowing them to reduce costs while increasing quality.

Feedback from clients and stakeholders has allowed their team of engineers to reduce the size of the plugs by over 60% without compromising reliability or performance.  The next generation of ReacXion plugs incorporate a fully degradable element with slips that set independently allowing them to conform to ovalized casing and debris. The ReacXion Dissolvable Plug family now includes the addition of:

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