BluePack RH

Retrievable hydraulic-set production packer

Minimize costs with economical packers

Designed for zonal isolation in vertical and deviated production and water injection wells, the BluePack RH retrievable hydraulic-set production packer combines a single-piece mandrel with an adjustable shear release value for cost-effective performance.

The straight-pull, shear-release retrievable packer is rated for a 5,000-psi pressure differential and is ideal for applications in which multiple packers are set. Factory set to a standard value, the packer’s shear-release mechanism can be adjusted in the field just before installation.

The BluePack RH packer can be delivered in conventional configuration (bottom) or in a fullbore configuration (top) allowing a larger tubing ID.

Isolate well segments with confidence

The slips are protected from debris by the packer element or debris barrier, minimizing risks for retrieval.

Tubing movement during installation is eliminated. Retrieval of the BluePack RH packer is accomplished with a straight upward pull on the tubing.

The packer is available in API quality grades Q1, Q2, and Q3 and with API or premium end connections.

A simplified naming convention tells you what you need at a glance

The modular architecture of our BluePack packer family simplifies engineering designs across the entire family.

You can select the packer that’s best suited for your well environment while configuring certain components and subassemblies of the packer based on the specific needs or challenges of the well. For example, you might customize the elastomer based on the chemical properties of the fluids that will be in the well.

This standardization not only improves lead times and costs, it also improves operations by ensuring that employees are trained on a standardized deployment methodology.


  • Single-string completions
  • Zonal isolation
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells
  • Production and water injection wells


  • Easily installs on the rig
  • Reduces rig costs by simplifying operations
  • Eliminates tubing movement during installation


  • Validation to ISO 14310 and API Spec 11D1 V3
  • One-piece mandrel
  • Slips protected from debris with packer element or debris barrier
  • Bidirectional caged slips
  • Adjustable, straight-pull shear release
  • Available in quality grades Q1, Q2, and Q3
  • Premium end connections available


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