BigBore Dissolvable plug rapidly taking market share

Steelhaus Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the successful deployment of the BigBore dissolvable plug.  The newest addition to the BigBore family has exceeded all expectations in functionality and market penetration.

The Steelhaus Big Bore Dissolvable Plug is the industry’s new best in class design, dwarfing competition IDs while exceeding max pressure and temperature ratings of 300F @ 10,000 PSI.  The patented anti-preset technology has a perfect performance track record with zero presets. Proprietary geometry, minimal total mass (+/- 5 lbs) and advanced metallurgical alloy allows full dissolution of the plug, allowing producers to achieve flowback in a fraction of the time it takes conventional degradable plug technologies. Producers have reported mill out requirements are essentially non-existent due to the rapid dissolution of the plugs proving the advanced characteristics of the dissolvable alloy.

With the unprecedented adoption of this market disruptive technology, we are currently running over 1000 plugs per month spanning North America from the Canadian Duvernay/Montney formations to the Texas Haynesville/Eagleford plays.

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