ReacXion dissolvable plugs: Setting a new standard

6 well Montney pad, 238 stages, 200m/min, resulting in 53.1 hours deployment time savings, and a 35% reduction in post frac coil intervention time, with no plugs tagged

Another success for Steelhaus Canada’s stimulation technologies, achieving an incredible milestone with ReacXion dissolvable ball in place plugs by running a 6 well (238 stages) Montney pad in pace setting time.

A local resource company employing Steelhaus Dissolvable plug technology stimulated all 238 stages with zero pre-sets in 9 days representing 53.1 total hours saved on deployment time.  The two companies cooperated to convey the plugs at the highest rate of 200m/min, this achievement would not have been made possible without the support of the entire Completions Team at the resource company.

Post frac intervention estimates nearly $450,000.00 savings on a reduction of milling and coil intervention time.  On multiple BHA strategies, they achieved 35% improvements in post frac coil time which they feel could have been improved to 58% savings with a standardized BHA.  With deploying CT 36 hours post frac, they tagged less than 5% of plugs.

Brandon Schneider President of Steelhaus Canada feels that “Steelhaus will continue to be the leader in the North American Plug and Perf, based on our willingness to continually improve upon our offering.  Steelhaus has spent the last 3 years developing proprietary materials and coatings, we have tried 100’s of materials and coatings to achieve bimodal dissolution (delayed and then fast dissolution) which eliminates wellbore chemistry from the plug selection decision.  This cuts the plug down to two versions available in fresh water and saltwater in a ball in place or ball drop version.”

“Recently, we also completed a very successful run of 26 plugs of the new Slim-X dissolvable to overcome wellbore deformation.  We now have a complete offering for any scenario providing truly the shortest and best field proven dissolving plug on the market.  Our company has provided complete vertically integrated rapid Engineering, rapid Testing, full manufacturing, and coating facilities that enable us to make leaps to the best product iterations when we work in great partnerships.”

85 Industries

Fully integrated manufacturing plug facility capable of 3000 plugs a month based in Calgary, Canada

Persona Coatings

Fully integrated manufacturing coatings facility applying proprietary coatings that help make ReacXion the most reliable dissolvable in any wellbore environment.